UFC BAS Body Action System Review for Boxing at Home

Hey Everyone, when you read to the end of this blog, you discover my whole story about using the UFC BAS Body Action System. Learn if it can tone up your body while learning to throw knock-out combinations!

In 2020, I set a goal to spend more time off the couch and drink less beer…  (It sounded pretty lame to me, however my wife assured me I would be really into it)

I knew I needed something fun and engaging that I could motivate myself to do everyday.  I have watched every Rocky Movie, (4 is the best) I didn’t have any real boxing experience or training.

So, I went looking for a simple way to get started from boxing from home.

Here is my BAS UFC Body Action System Review

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Why BAS Body Action System is awesome:

When I was growing up, they didn’t have punching bags like this! At first it looked a little intimidating, however, after just a few sessions I quickly saw advancements.  It will turn any Glass Joe into a combo punch throwing master!  It feels just as awesome to punch this thing as it does to look at!

Biggest Benefits of BAS UFC Body Action System:

Unlike a traditional punching bag (which is 1 big target), the UFC Body Action System is broken into individual targets designed to be like the human body.

Having the separate targets, means you quickly start to:

  • Punch Harder
  • Master Combination Punches
  • Build Muscle and Endurance
  • Low Impact so You Can Go Longer
  • Realistic Movement because it Absorbs Punches
  • Have fun working out, so you continue to do it!

UFC Body Action System Multi-Target System:

The wide variety of targets is what provides a full body work-out.
The more you twist and turn, the more you work out your core.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to burn calories,, gain muscle or throw better punches -> have multiple targets is going to get you to your goal quicker.

Let’s check out the different targets

Head Target:

  • Absorbs punches
  • Realistic movement with every punch
  • Perfect for any type of punch
    • Uppercuts, Hooks, Jabs

Body Target:

  • Absorbs punches
  • Realistic movement with every punch
  • Has targets to aim for
  • Perfect for Punches and Kicks

Focus Mitts:

  • Full body workout
  • Punches & Low Kicks
  • Strengthen Core
  • Hand Eye Coordination
  • Master Throwing Combos

Getting Fit:

Why it is perfect for getting into shape:

  • Multi Punch Points means your body is moving and turning more to strengthen your core
  • The pads absorb the punches making it easier on your body so you go longer and be sore less
  • Keeps your working out fun and engaging

Before buying this, I dreaded doing most work outs and exercises.

But if I catch a glimpse of my BAS UFC Body Action System and start to hum the Rocky Theme song -> It’s game over!

You can’t stop me from working out!

If you want to make real change in your life, then that is the motivation you need to create!

Learning to Fight:

How you can learn to dominate a fight:

In just weeks you can:

  • Throw harder punches
  • Throw combinations of punches
  • Practice Uppercuts, hooks, kidney punches and more
  • Master your hand -> coordination

The Bas UFC Body Action System was built by fighters, for fighters!

After you learn to throw a few combinations, you start to challenge yourself to throw your punches harder and faster.  Soon you learn a few new combinations and add an elbow or a kick!

Before you know it, you have the confidence of the UFC fighters who designed the bag your beating the crap out of!

The Creator of the BAS UFC Body Action System:

This was actually built, designed and test by the UFC and 3 time UFC Heavy Weight Champ Bas Rutten.  

When creating the BAS Body Action System -> They considered everything!

Every was designed to achieve the maximum results.  It even looks cool, which gives you that motivation everyday to throw on some boxing gloves and throw a few combinations.

This combined experience knows how to build a functional training punching bag that is durable enough to last a lifetime.

See the BAS UFC Body in Action:

Setting up the BAS Action System:

Simple to Set-Up:  Easy to set-up right out of the box.  Simple pieces and instructions.
Free-Standing: No hanging from beam or gallons of water required.
You can adjust the height and size of all the targets so it’s the perfect height you want.
Easy to store:  Simple take down and store in smaller space when needed.

Best For:

Beginner to Experts – It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or a 3 time UFC champion, you will quickly watch your skill increase using this BAS UFC Action System.

Pro’s and Con’s

Quickly gets you in better shape and throwing combinations of punchesIt is bigger in size and takes up space
Built to last and survive the hardest of punchesHigher Cost
Absorbs punches with realistic movementAll your friends will want to touch it
Fun and engaging to use
Easy to take apart for storage

Getting the Best Price:

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