Rorala Punching Bag Review – Why You Will Love This Bag!

This Rorala punching bag review will help give you clear answers if this is the punching bag you have been looking for.

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Why listen to me:

Why I love the Rorala Punching Bag

I have tried working out on and off my entire life without any success…

Until I found boxing! (My biggest regret is not starting boxing earlier.)

Boxing exercises are simple and fun which kept me motivated to do it everyday!

Even within the first few weeks, I started to see amazing results.

I felt better, my energy levels went up and I was sleeping better.

When I decided to use boxing to win my health back, I went on a mission to find the best equipment for the money.

I started off simple with shadow boxing and some simple jump rope exercises for boxers, but was quickly ready to take it to the next level with a punching bag.

Since I was going to be boxing at home, finding something that was easy to set-up and didn’t take a lot of space were important to me.

The Rorala punching bag with stand is a great option for home (or even office!)

However, you can also get a hanging version.

Rorala Punching Bag Review – Why it is great for you!

Rorala hanging punching bag outside

You don’t need dreams of being a professional boxer to see amazing results from a punching bag.

According to Rorala, the benefits of using a Home Punching Bag:

  • Stress Relief
  • Weight Control
  • Body Workouts
  • Self-Defense

Within a few hours you can learn a few basic punches and start building up your cardio along with some muscle mass.

Not to mention, just punching on a bag makes you feel pretty bad ass!

And when it comes to punching bags, Rorala makes some pretty bad ass bags!

It doesn’t matter if you want health and confidence benefits or you are working to get in the ring ->  this punching bag is perfect for your needs!

About the Rorala Punching Bag

rorala freestanding punching bag review

How the Rorala Punching Bag is Made:

  • Multi-Layer Construction
  • 4 Layers Combined
    • Fabric Buffers
    • Advanced resilient EVA Foam
    • 2.2mm Eco-Friendly Pu surface
    • Tear Resistant
  • Manwork Filled

Bags that are Perfect for Punching:

  • Flexible Rebound
  • Hands Friendly Surface

When it comes to a punching bag, you want it to have a good “feel” to it.

If you want to get the health benefits or prepare to kick some ass, you want a punching back you can punch for a while without hurting your hands and joints.

Punching the right bag, allows you to get in the zone which creates momentum and motivation to keep working out.

You won’t believe how good this bag feels!

You can look at the high quality materials and construction used in this punching bag.

This allows you to pay a great price now, but have a punching bag you can use for life (or even pass down to those grandkids one day if they ever get off their iphones!)

Rorala Free Standing vs Hanging Punching Bag

Rorala Punching Bag with Stand:

  • Comes with the Stand
    • Can Fill with Sand or Water
      • With Sand Weight = 210lbs
      • With Water Weight = 165lbs
    • 12 Suction Cups for Extra Support
    • 4 Springs Deliver Fast Rebound
    • 2 Shock Absorbers
    • Durable Stainless Steel Pole
    • 360 Access for Punches and Kicks (even in small space)
    • Easy Set-up

Rorala Hanging Punching Bag:

  • Comes with all Hanging Materials
    • Must use with Stand or hung from strong beam
    • 360 Degree Rotator
    • Bold Stainless Steel Lanyard for Hanging
    • Solid Triangle Fixed Attachments
    • Three Layers of Stitches for a Lifetime of Use
    • Top Tension Design
    • Thicker Stitching on lower part
    • Simple to hang and use

All Rorala Punching Bags are Built for a Lifetime of Satisfaction:

Warranty Info:  1 year warranty

How Shipping Works:

You can expect fast shipping of your new punching bag.

This is because Rorala has 3 Different Warehouses:

  • California
  • Philadelphia
  • Florida

Note: You Rorala Punching Bag with Stand will come in 2 separate boxes.
This makes it easy to move to the right location and easy assembly

Final Review:

With the different options and price points with punching bags, it is important to make sure you pick out the right one for you!

Here are the reasons to get the best price now:

  • High Quality Construction
  • Stand or Hanging Options
  • Good feel and rebound
  • Great Price

In my opinion and based on reviews, people love this bag!!

The Rorala Punching Bag is a great bag for the price!

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