Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle Review

Hey Everyone, check out the everlast dual station heavy bag stand value bundle and discover if it transformed me from a ‘Lazy Grandpa’ into someone with normal blood pressure who can throw a knock-out hook!

I dreaded going to the gym surrounded by people to walk on a treadmill or join some exercise class I can’t keep up with…  But Once the doctor told me I need to start exercising, I had to find something..

That is when I discovered how simple, fun and addicting boxing from home can be!

My Benefits:

  • Motivated to do it everyday
  • Better looking body
  • Muscle gain
  • More Energy
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Get winded less often

Check out the everlast dual station heavy bag stand value bundle and see if it can help you do the same!

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About the Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

What it includes:

Everything included in the Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

Heavy Bag with Stand:

This is why everyone would recommend a Heavy Bag for beginners. 

Learning to Punch with a Heavy Bag:  A heavy bag allows you to throw nearly every type of punch at all different heights.  

Since it hangs from the top, the higher up you hit the bag, the less it will swing. 
If you kick or knee the bag lower (or even those low blow punches!) you will find the bag will swing more.

A Heavy Bag with Stand is a perfect option for beginners to master combinations of punches as well perfect their knock-out power punches.

Using a Heavy Bag for Fitness/Cardio:  A heavy bag is a great way to do cardio exercise and build up your endurance.  

Using the everlast heavy bag, you can throw jabs, hooks and even kicks to get to a full body workout.  

You can find a never ending supply of videos that teach you how to burn fat and work your core with simple boxing exercises.

Speed Bag Stand

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle Speed Bag

If you are good at working a speed bag, you are instantly a badass and can impress anyone that matters…  While speed bags take practice, they are an awesome skill to have.

Learning to Punch a Speed Bag:  Learning to work a speed bag is not about learning to throw punches you would use in a fight, instead it is training the hand eye coordination.  

Mastering the speed bag is like mastering Mr. Myagi’s ‘Wax On Wax Off’ -> You are not sure why you need it, but when you do, it is badass!.

Using a Speed Bag for Fitness/Cardio:  A speed bag is a great way to work your arms and strengthen your heart!  

Considering the repetitive nature of it, your arms will tire out quickly the first few times you do it!  But stick with it.  

You will get the timing down and you will be amazed how quickly your arms get stronger.

Boxing Gloves:

Everlast Boxing Gloves Included

Whenever you are working the punching bag at home, you want to make sure you are wearing gloves.  The gloves will absorb some of the shock in order to protect your hands and joints.

These are Leather gloves with padded palm grip for stability.

While most people are happy with the included gloves, others have stated they had to buy or use different gloves because they didn’t like these.


Everlast Boxing Wraps Included

After learning how to throw knock-out punches in flurries of combinations these 100% Cotton Wraps will give your wrists and bones the protection they need.  Even if you are doing cardio and not throwing power punches, it is still good to protect your wrists.

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle Set-Up:  

Biggest Benefit of a Heavy Bag Stand:

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand setup in the basement

Mounting your punching bag on an easy to set-up stand means you don’t have to worry about trying to find studs or doing strong enough construction to hold up a punching bag.  

This means even if you aren’t confident in your carpentry skills, you can still get the benefits of a hanging punching bag (compared to a freestanding bag)

Everyone loves how simple it is to set-up the stand and punching bags.  Once your boxes arrive (it comes in 2 separate boxes) you can be set-up and throwing punches in no time.

While 1 person can set-up the stand, depending on your strength, you may need help lifting the bag to set it up.

Pros & Cons of Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

All-In-One PackageTake decent amount of space
Heavy Bag & Speed BagMight need better gloves
High QualityNo Major Cons
Easy Set-up

Should I Buy the Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle?

Yes – the price you pay for all this value can’t be beat!

Check out the lowest price here:

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