Best Cobra Reflex Punching Bag Review – Get the Top Rated Bag

Check out my Cobra Reflex Punching Bag Review and discover how I got control over my health while increasing my boxing skills.

As most of you know, I started boxing at 68 years old after a life of mostly sitting.

I needed to start exercising if I wanted to keep living.

At that point, I knew I needed some sort of exercise routine, but dreaded going to the gym and traditional workouts.

That is when I discovered Boxing.

I have been hooked ever since.  Not only do I see the benefits of working out everyday, I spend my spare time researching and testing different boxing equipment for home.

Check out my Cobra Reflex Bag Review and decide if it is right for you!

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Ringside Cobra Reflex Boxing Punching Bag Review:

Caution:  This bag will make you a master of hand eye coordination while giving you increased speed and power.  Don’t forget, this is also an amazing cardio workout.

However, mastering your craft requires diligence and determination and this reflex bag requires both!

But – If you can conquer it, you become a master of boxing and your health.


Why it’s the best Best Cobra Reflex Boxing Bag:

I committed to working this bag everyday and quickly saw gains in my Stamina, Reflexes, and Speed.  So you know, it was slightly frustrating at first.  It took me 5-6 practice sessions before I really started to get the hang of it.

Once you get started, it becomes really addicting and you continually want to get faster, be able to do new combos and throw harder punches.

It Mimics the Movement of an Opponent:

  • It has a higher up spring, which creates quicker reactions and more realistic feel.

The Cobra Reflex Bag helped me improve:

  • Head movement
  • Practice ‘Slipping’
  • Faster striking speed
  • Increased stamina
  • Better balance
  • Basic Health and Weight-Loss

How to Get Results Quickly:

The trick to quick results, is actually to start slow.  Follow these basic steps to learn more:

  1. Jabs – Simple practice jabbing the bag and getting the your timing down with 1 hand.
  2. Jab / Cross Combo – Now start practicing using both hands to jab the bag with good rhythm.
  3. Hooks, Uppercuts & More – After you have mastered the jab (and doing them has almost become boring) start throwing in other punches occasionally.
  4. Build up Speed and Power – Once you have control of the bag, start increasing to power of your punches and also the speed.


Cobra Reflex Bag set up at home for boxing

Lay on your hardest-hitting strikes without worrying about damaging your extra-heavy polyurethane bag, which is built with a solid steel pole.
Show them what you’re made of with a reflex cobra bag that can take a hit. With its solid steel stand, your heavy PU leather foam punching bag is the key to unlocking your most intense training sessions yet.

Who Makes the Reflex Cobra Bag:

At Champs MMA That’s why we create premium, next-gen boxing and MMA equipment to train novices into champions. Made for fighters by fighters, we’re committed to unrivaled quality at every stage of production.

How to set-up the Cobra Reflex Punching Bag:

One of the biggest things I love about punching bag, is how small and compact it is along with how easy it is to set-up.

2 Options for set-up:

  • Hardwood – The base has 8 strong suction cups to keep the bag in place.
  • Other Surfaces – Simply fill the base with water or sand.

Adjustable Height:

Cobra Reflex Punching Bag Adjustable Height Settings
  • Adjusts from 55 inches – 77 inches.

Final Verdict

Quickly increase stamina & Hand-Eye coordinationLearning Curve to Overcome
Doesn’t take a lot of spaceMight Also Want a Traditional Punching Bag
Practice wide range of punches
Feel badass as skills & confidence grow

The Cobra Reflex Bag is Awesome!!

Once you get the hang of it, get ready to be addicted! It is so much fun and a great cardio workout

BONUS Footage – How Ryan Garcia use the Reflex Bag to Never Lose a Match:

Other Types of Punching Bags for Home:

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