Century Bob Review vs Bob XL – Get Max Results

This Century Bob Review is for everyone who is not familiar with the Century Bob Punching Bag
It is a lot like a freestanding punching bag, however it is shaped like a human.

I started boxing a few years ago in my 60s, as a way to improve my health and hopefully increase my energy levels as well.

For year, the doctors told me I needed to lose weight and start exercising, however, finding a workout routine that kept me interested and motivated to do it everyday seemed nearly impossible.

It wasn’t until I came across a blog post sharing tips on boxing for weight loss.

I started to learn the basics of boxing and began my Journey.

During that time, I have tried every type of punching bag from heavy bags, Aqua bags, Cobra bag, the reflex bar and others.

For about the last 6 weeks I’ve been primarily training on the Century Bob Punching bag.

Things I’ve been focusing on:

  • conditioning bag drills
  • freestyle work
  • serious boxing training
  • pretty light punching

In this Century Bob Review, I am going to break down the Pros and Cons, but I believe the Century Bob Punching bag is badass and will take your training to the next level.

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About Century Bob Punching Bag:

Human Shaped Punching Bag

Century Bob Human Shaped Punching Bag Review

Get ready to up your punching precision and stamina with this simple to use punching bag.

Compared to a traditional punching bag, the main difference (and benefits) of a punching dummy, it is shaped like a human head and torso to mimic a real opponent.

It has a softer rubber flex and lower impact compared to a punching bag which means you can punches in bunches for longer periods of time.

With just using this bag for a few weeks, you will quickly see your punching abilities and cardio level go up.

Head Punching Dummy:

Head Punching Dummy for precision practice

The shape and feel of this Century Bob gives you more realistic punching action.

Throw jabs, uppercuts and haymakers straight to the jawline, just like you would on a real opponent!

Don’t forget, it has adjustable height, so you can make the punching dummy and height between 60 and 78 inches.

A punching dummy is designed to practice your precision and punching combos, compared to a punching bag which builds muscle and punching power.

If you want to build stamina and cardio, the Century Bob’s rubber feel and flex will allow you to hit the bag longer compared to a traditional punching bag.

It is also easier on your muscles and joints which makes it great for beginners.

Full Body Punching Dummy:

Full Body Punching Dummy for rapid results

Don’t forget to practice those body shots!

While punching the head of the dummy allows you to practice precision, the body shots allow you to practice those power shots.

A punching dummy allows you to get in close to the punching to simulate what it is like in a real boxing match close-up to your opponent.

You can practice short hooks to the body followed by uppercuts to the jaw.

Then step back and practice your jabs to the face.

A full body punching dummy makes it simple to master those combination punches.  Within a few weeks you will be throwing powerful combinations of jabs to the face, hooks to the body and knock out uppercuts.

Why We Love Century Bob Punching Bag:

  • Realistic Punching Action
  • Softer impact allows longer sessions
  • Great for practicing head and body combos
  • Quickly improve precision punches

More about the Century Bob Review:


Century Bob Height Adjustment

One of the fun parts of punching dummy bob, is you get to choose how tall he is!

Some days, I will make Century Bob a short 60” tall, while other days, I like the challenge of a taller fight, and make him up to 78” tall!

There are 7 different height adjustments which makes it easy to get the exact height you want.

The Base:

Bob punching bag base

Fill with sand or water to add extra weight.

WHen filled it was about 270lbs.  While this is enough weight to keep the punching bag upright, you may notice it move a few inches during your workout.

While most free standing punching bags, like the [LINK HERE] have suction cups on the base to help hold it sturdy, the Century Bob does not.

Works great in small spaces

The Century Bob punching bag is perfect for garages, offices, basements, apartments or any smaller space.

Since it doesn’t need to be hung from the ceiling or use a stand, it takes up minimal space.

Century Bob vs Bob XL

century bob vs bob xl

What is the biggest differences between Century Bob and Bob XL?
Answer:  The Torso!

The Century Bob XL has an extended Torso for low punches, knees and kicks.

Original Century Bob Review:
Perfect for majority of people who want to do boxing. Allows for nearly every type of punch you would want to practice in boxing.
Century Bob XL Review:
Has an extended torso. Perfect for people who want to do more Kickboxing, Martial Arts and/or MMA. The lower torse is perfect for kicks and knees.

How to Set-Up Century Bob Punching Bag

Set-up is pretty straight forward and simple to do.

The biggest challenge will be filling the base with sand or water.

Why Sand is Recommended for the base:

  • Sand is heavier
  • Easier to move bags of sand if you don’t have a hose for water

How to fill with sand:

  • Buy Bags of sand and funnel from local hardware store.
  • You will need about 250lbs of sand
    • Normally that is about 5 bags of sand
  • Use the full to pour each bag of sand into the base

How to fill with water:

  • Connect hose to laundry tub and use to fill base
  • Use a funnel and bucket to transport water to base for filling

Century Bob Workout:

Century Bob workout

One of the best parts of a Bob Punching Dummy is coming up with your own workout routines.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or experienced boxer, you can create a Century Bob workout perfect for you!

Biggest tip to getting started:

Keep it simple.  

Start out learning the best jab combo.

  • jab with your other hand, creating a 1-2 combo.
  • Jab combo, then step to the side.
  • Jab combo, then step to the side.

Once you are comfortable doing that a few times, add a Hook into to.

  • Jab-Jab-Hook -> Step to the side.

The key is to start slow.  As you get more practice and more comfortable with it, you can start adding in more punches and punching harder.

Combine a punching bag workout with a jump rope workout for boxers to maximize your results.  Cardio workouts, like jump rope, are a great way to warm up before punching the bag.

Century Bob Punching Bags Wearing T-Shirts

century bob in t shirts

Who knows, maybe you and your new punching bag will become best friends and you will dress them up to look cool.  Or maybe you will dress your Century Bob like your bully from high school and get pumped up to start punching the bag.

EIther way, there has never been another punching bag like this!  When it comes to having fun and staying motivated to work out, the Century Bob punching bag has been one of my best investments!

Exclusive Features of Century Bob

  • Realistic Punching Experience
  • Easier on joints and muscles
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Adjust the height
  • Good Price Point
  • High Quality Product

About Century, the company behind Bob:

Century Martial Arts is a company that prides itself on being owned and operated by martial artists.

So every product they sell is designed and tested by the same people who use them.

They bring their new prototypes straight to the boxing gym to get used first hand.

If any product doesn’t live up to expectations, it is sent back to the drawing board.

Because of this rigorous testing, Century offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Final Review:

Be prepared to get in amazing shape and improve your boxing stills with the Century Bob Punching Bag.  It is so fun and simple to use, that you will actually look forward to working out and punching the bag.

No matter what experience level you are at, this is the perfect punching bag to meet your needs and grow with you as your skills rapidly improve.

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