Accodone Punching Bag Review: Pros, Cons & Where to buy

This Accodone punching bag review will help you determine if this bag is worth tracking down, since it is not currently available on Amazon.

When I started looking into the perfect punching bag for my home, I was shocked to see how many other people who were boxing for weight loss, more energy and the all around health benefits..

Even a simple boxing workout at home can help you start to see results quickly.

Before I bought a punching bag, I would spend 30 minutes (broke into 3 different 10 minute sessions each) a day doing a shadow boxing workout and also do 5 or 6 different 5 minute sessions of a simple jump rope workout for boxers.

After 4 weeks of these 2 simple exercises, I could already feel more energy during the days and sleeping better at night.

I was mastering the basics of boxing and was ready to take it to the next level.
I started researching some punching bag workouts I would feel comfortable with.
Keep in mind, I started boxing for my health when I was in my 60s.
I wasn’t sure if my joints and body could handle the impact of punching a bag.

So I started to research the best punching bags and gloves that would work for me.

I scoped out my house to find the perfect spot and learned how to hang a punching bag in the basement.
While, I didn’t get the Accodone Punching Bag, I learned some awesome things about it and also am going to share a very close alternative you can get from Amazon.

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Why People Love It:

Why the Accodone punching bag is awesome

According to Accodone: they make construct their punching bags tough enough for professional boxers, but affordable enough for beginners who want to get the health benefits from a punching bag workout.

Their high quality and stable construction ensures this punching bag is safe and sturdy to use even when hit with the best combinations of punches.

What makes the Accodone punching bag great for home use is the noise reduction features build into the base and spring system.

Next let’s break down the parts of this Accodone punching bag review and see if it’s a good fit for you.

The Accodone Freestanding Punching Review:

The Base:

Punching Bag Base Comparison

Wide Base:
Accodone freestanding punching bags state they have a wider base than their competitors for better overall stability.

12 Suction Cups
When attached to a smooth surface, each suction cup has over 170lb of suction power. This makes sure your bag stays standing even with the hardest hitting combo of punches.
Note: It will not suction to foam mats

Fillable base

Accodone base Fillable with water
  • You can fill it with Water or Sand
    • Weighs about 137lbs with water
    • Weights about 183lbs with sand
    • Sand is the recommended option

Combing a wide base, suction cups and a fillable base means you get a freestanding punching bag that is going to hold steady as your boxing skill rapidly improve.

Shock Absorbing System

Accodone Freestanding punching bag base springs and shocks

3 springs

  • 360 degree absorbtion
  • noise reduction
  • More durable and less vibration

Dual PVC Shock Absorber

  • Gives bag better rebound for a better feel
  • Less Vibration
  • See more rapid muscle gains with punching bag workouts
  • Reduces the interference for longer punching sessions

The Punching Bag

multi layer construction punching bag

Why Multi-Layer Construction Matters:

  • Fast and Flexible rebound
  • Long Lasting
  • Tear Resistant
  • Comfortable Hand Guard

While it is important to learn how to properly hit a punching bag, having a high quality bag gives you a buffer which lowers the chances of bruising your wrists or breaking your hands.  Of course, learning why boxers wear gloves and finding a good pair of gloves helps with this as well.

How the bag is constructed:

  • Encased Stainless Steal Tube
  • Fabric Buffer
  • High Resilient EPE Foam
  • 2mm Thick PU Leather
  • Thick Manual Nylon Sewing Machinery Stitching

Overall Size:

Stands about 70” tall

  • It is recommended a punching bag is no more than 4 inches shorter than the user.

At the base:  20” wide

Where to buy the Accodone Punching Bag


Currently unavailable (click here to see if it’s available)
When it was selling on Amazon, it looks like it got great reviews.  There is no way of telling if or when it will ever come back in stock.


When purchasing this punching bag from Walmart, you will notice you can’t buy it in stores.
You can buy it online.  Also you will notice, it does not ship from Walmart.
It ships from a 3rd party. I am not sure if Walmart 3rd party shippers are legit or not.
You are up to do your own research to make sure you are getting the right product and a fair return policy.

Accodone Punching Bag Review vs Rorala Punching Bag:

accodone vs rorala punching bag
Rorala Punching Bag Review:
– Same Great Construction and Quality
– Available in Freestanding or Hanging Version
– Suction Cup and Fillable Base
– Available on Amazon!!
– Check out the best price on Amazon!

If you want to know more about this bag, we have put together a full Rorala Punching Bag Review. Be sure to check it out and make sure to pick the right punching bag for you!

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