How To Properly Hit A Punching Bag

Anybody can hit a punching bag, but learning how to properly hit a punching bag is key to avoiding injury and having an enjoyable experience.

Most of my life sat and was out of shape. I tried the traditional work-outs and going to the gym but these were not helping in any way. I felt something was not clicking right no matter how much I worked out.

Then I found a Simple Boxing Workout at Home. If the punching bag is used properly it can build or increase your endurance, strength, technique, and power and it can reduce your stress.


Initially, it took time to learn the art of hitting a punching bag properly. I wanted to prevent injury and learned the hard way that if the punching technique is wrong, no matter how much effort you put will all go in vain. At worst you can also sprain the wrist, skin the knuckles, or break the hand if you are not careful enough.

With some training, preparation, and plenty of hard work you will be a pro at hitting the punching bag in no time. All you need to do is adhere to the technicalities.

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Properly hitting a punching bag equiment


  • There are many different types of punching bags for home you can use, but deciding on your goals and skill level will help you determine which one is right for you.
  • Spend a few minutes looking at different types of bags, how you want to set your bag up (Hang it from the ceiling, use a stand or freestanding) and you budget to find the perfect bag.


  • You should always put on your gloves (thin bag, heavy work, or regular boxing gloves). Gloves are very important for your wrist and your knuckles as they absorb the shock while punching. According to my experience always invest in the quality protection gear like gloves. You might be surprised by all the reasons why boxers wear gloves, but I suggest you take a glove with extra padding for better shock absorption and for reducing the risk of any hand injury.
  • You can use wraps for your hand for extra protection and padding. Hand wraps are worn under the gloves and they are quite inexpensive and very easy to use. If you want to give yourself that extra protection, then hand wraps are a good investment.


  • You can dress in your gym clothes or any fitness clothes that feel okay to you but, you have to take care of the fact that the dress should not restrict any of your movements. Socks and good athletic shoes with a good grip should also be worn. This will provide you with a good ground grip and balance that won’t let you slip.
  • If your hair length is long then I would suggest you to pull back and tie your hair as it might cause a hindrance in between your workout session. Thus, it is very important to dress up properly.


  • Depending on where you want to hang your bag, you can easily learn how to hang a punching bag in basement or any other space.
  • The location of mounting your punching bag is very essential as the bag will require plenty of room to move around and swing. The place should not have any obstacles or barriers, and the area should be free of any debris.
  • An ideal space for your training should be 2.5m by 2.5m (8ft by 8ft) square room and you are good to get started.
  • Ideally, basements are the apt place for mounting your bag as they are safer and the punching sound will also get muffled.
  • You should place a beam (stud beam) in the ceiling. It is crucial because it can fall and you can get hurt if you do not hang it by a stud beam (ideally 61cms).
  • Next, you should drill a hole in the beam to install a screw (eyebolt screw)
  • Now, you need to attach a hook (swivel) to the chains of the punching bag.
  • Lastly, connect the swivel and eyebolt to an S-shaped hook and install a stand or a wall mounting.


How to properly hit a punching bag workout
  1. Warming up: you should never fail to warm up before a session. It helps you to prepare your body for the workout and it also reduces the risk of muscle strain or injury. Warm-up with exercises like cardio, stretching, windmills, jumping jacks, squats, high-steps, jump rope workout for boxers, etc.
  2. Start slow: do not expect to hit knock-out punches the first time. Start slow and work your way up. Do not punch fast in the beginning as you will lose all your energy in a few seconds. Instead, throw slow punches and gradually bring in power and speed.

(Pro tip- Joints of the body can be weaker than the muscles. As the power of your joints quickly increases, sometimes your joints cannot keep up. Be sure to always work out and punch within a range your body is comfortable with)

  1. Strike properly: when you are punching the bag, you have to make sure that your knuckles (middle and index finger) are touching the bag the first place. You should keep the elbows tight and the wrists straight.

Try hitting the bag with smooth and swift punches and move around in between punching sessions (when not punching). Always focus on your breathing, you should breathe in rhythm while punching.

Pro tip- always exhale while striking. Do not hold your breath and breathe in a relaxing way to conserve the energy.

  1. Footwork and posture: You should keep both your foot planted firmly to the ground while punching the bag. You can move around and have some basic footwork going on in between the punches.

Focus on balance and a well-maintained posture. This will keep the body aligned while you are working out and it will burn more calories and lowers the risk of any injury.

  1. Throwing combinations: As you slowly build up your stamina and technique try combining the workout with kicking and punching. But do not overdo it and always pace yourself.

Lastly, do not forget to have a cooling down session once you have finished the workout. For example, you can try slow logs, light stretches, or a walk.

Why it is important to learn how to properly hit a punching bag:

Example of how to properly hit a punching bag

It doesn’t matter if you want to master knock-out punches or are just looking for doing a punching bag workout for weight loss, it is important to protect yourself from injury. Proper punches will ensure you can have a longer workout sessions, eventually punch harder to build more muscle and learn to throw a badass punch.

I hope this article on How to Properly Hit a Punching Bag is helpful to you.

Enjoy your punching sessions!

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