How to hang a punching bag in basement – Even if your bad with tools

Finally, a simple guide on how to hang a punching bag in the basement, even if you are bad with tools and can barely use a drill, this is the resource you’ve been looking for.

When it comes to working out, you need something that is simple to get started and keeps you motivated to work out every day.

For many people, young and old, boxing has been the solution.

If you start boxing for weight loss, get in better shape or to gain your health back, having the right equipment is critical to your success and safety. 

I didn’t get started in boxing until I was in my 60s.

Truth is, I was pretty out of shape and unmotivated by traditional workouts…

Then I started to hear about the benefits of boxing for weight loss and improved health.  

I started off by doing beginner shadow boxing workouts at home and jump rope workouts for boxers.

Soon, I wanted to take it to the next level and get a punching bag.

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Basic Equipment need for a punching bag:

  • Punching Bag
  • Gloves
  • The Right Clothing
  • A Good Place to do it

But one of the hardest parts can be figuring out how and where to hang a punching bag.

I am not very handy with tools, so the thought of safely hanging a punching bag was almost overwhelming.

I had a few tools and knew the basics of using a drill but really had no idea how to figure out somewhere strong enough to hang it from.

Why the basement is a great place to hang a punching bag:

Punching bag in the basement
  • Exposed beams making the bag easy to hang
    • Even if a finished ceiling, there are other options
  • Often times away from others to reduce noise
  • Can be near other workout equipment
  • Lots of open space
Pros of Hanging a Punching Bag in the Basement:Cons of a Hanging a Punching Bag in the Basement:
Swings back and forth to mimic motions of an opponent.Requires installation into studs or beams
Doesn’t take up floor space like a standMust be own and be comfortable with tools

So this blog post will help you discover several different options to hang a punching bag in your basement.

Decide what works best for you!

Measure before you hang your punching bag in basement

No matter how you hang your bag, don’t forget to measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor and use this measurement to determine how long the punching bag hanger or chain should be. You’ll need enough slack in the hanger or chain to allow the punching bag to swing freely when you’re using it.

Measure your floor space: It might be a good idea to mark off the floor space with tape.  Make sure you have enough room to move around and punch a bag.

A good size space is 8 feet by 8 feet, with your punching bag in the middle

If you find you are constantly stepping outside the box you made of tape, you might want to find a different spot for your punching bag.

How to Hang a punching bag from the ceiling:

How to hang a punching bag from the ceiling

Step 1) Find a Sturdy Place to Hang a Punching Bag

  • Find your ceiling joists
  • If the beams are exposed (such as a garage or basement) this is easy
  • However, if you have a finished ceiling it can get trickier
  • With a Flat Ceiling, you can use a stud finder
  • With a popcorn ceiling, it gets trickier and you might want to look into other options.

Step 2) Use the correct hardware to connect the bag to the ceiling

Install a Wall Mount for Punching Bag:

Install a wall mount punching bag

Step 1)  Locate the wall studs

  • Use a Stud Finder to locate the studs and mark where the center of each stud is
  • Screw a boards to the wall studs

Step 2)  Install a wall bracket to hang the bag from

  • Use a wall mount like Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger

Hang a punching bag in basement from a stand:

Step 1)  Decided which stand fits your space and bag the best

  • Depending on your space, big the right punching bag stand for you.

Step 2)  Set-up the stand and hang your bag

If you are not comfortable with tools, this might be the best option to hang a punching bag from.  

Now that you hung your punching bag in basement – Next Steps:

Learning more about boxing:

Make sure you know the basics of boxing so you are comfortable with your stance and throwing basic punches.

Be sure to stretch out before each work-out.  This will help prevent injury and soreness the next day.

Learning how to throw a punch:

While many people start with shadow boxing, there are certain techniques to use while hitting a bag.

When you throw your hand into a solid surface, if not done correctly, it can cause injury to your muscles and joints.

Be sure to take some time to learn how to properly hit a punching bag before getting started.

Wearing Gloves:

If you are already ripped and badass, you might be able to get away with throwing punches at your bag barehanded.

However, if you are just getting started or want the health aspects of boxing, wearing gloves is highly recommended.  There are several reasons why boxers wear gloves and many other reasons you should be at home when punching a bag.

Deciding Your Goals:

Reasons people use a punching bag:

Tracking Your Goals:

Keep a notebook near by and track how long you work out for.

How you feel about the quality and speed of your punches.

You can buy a stopwatch or use the one on your phone to help keep track.

Pro-Tip:  Work out to music

Music helps keep you motivated and also helps you punch to the beat allowing you to get into the flow of things.

That is one of the great parts about deciding to hang a punching bag in basement, you can crank up the tunes without disturbing anyone else!!

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

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