Heavy Bag Workout for Beginners Gets Crazy Good Results

Check out how a Heavy Bag Workout for beginners gets crazy good results to transform your health and feeling like a badass who can throw a punch!

Boxing is perhaps the most challenging and brutal of all sports. It requires agility, finesse, power, and endurance but when you are well past the age, it requires more than physical strength to pursue this passion. 

Boxing tests not only your physical strength but also the mental toughness to cope with the challenge, especially when you are starting this late as I did. A few unexpected benefits were how much more energy I have and how much these workouts helped weightless.

I fell in love with boxing at the age of 68 and this was when my physician directed me to engage in some sort of physical activity on the regular basis. 

I was too reluctant to go to the gym so indulged myself in doing lame workouts at my home, but never found them amusing. 

Until one day, one of my friends introduced me to boxing, and ever since, there is no going back. I have never felt happier in my life than this before. 

Boxing makes you more alive than ever, pushing you to evaluate your core strength. 
Boxing helps in revealing the true fighter that lives inside every one of us. 

It was indeed a blessing in disguise for me. And if you are one of those, who are anticipating boxing as a means to keep themselves healthy, then you should definitely go through this article as I will be talking about equipment and basic workout that can be helpful to your cause. 

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Equipment required for a Heavy Bag Workout for Beginners:

Heavy Bag Workout Equipment for Home

Once you have made up your mind to pursue boxing, the next thing you will be needing is the equipment to execute this job. With the help of these, you can get into great shape and enjoy your daily boxing drill. 

Here, I am going to go over some basic home boxing equipment that can help you with a simple boxing workout for beginners without being stressed to go to the gym. 

Boxing Gloves and Hand wraps:

Boxing involves the dynamic movement of your upper limbs. You do not want your hands to get traumatized, do you? So to protect your hands, you will be needing a pair of quality boxing gloves with accurate padding. 

Your safety should be your utmost priority and for this purpose, boxing gloves should be something that you buy quickly as possible. 

There are different types of boxing gloves designed for different purposes and many different reasons why boxers wear gloves – Training gloves are larger and are designed to protect the hand. 

While striking the heavy bags and light bags, medium size gloves are usually preferred. 

To add to this, you can acquire a pair of hand wraps, that help to keep your fist stabilized during impact, thus further reducing the risk of fracture. 

Heavy Bags for Home:

After acquiring boxing gloves, the next thing you will need is a heavy bag. Make sure you know how to have a punching bag in basement, garage or other room in your house. Heavy bags make the core of the boxing workouts. They increase the sport-specific strength. With the regular use of the heavy bag, the pugilist gradually becomes aware of the range.  There are many videos and articles online that make it simple to get started boxing at home with a punching bag.

It aids in the flexibility and agility of the worker as he practices specific circular movements around a central target. 

Jump Rope (bonus):

For your cardiovascular conditioning, You can use a Jump Rope. Jump rope workouts for boxers are a great way to build stamina and improve your footwork. You will be sidestepping punches before you know it! However, if you aren’t comfortable using it, you can look for other means like cycling or a brisk 10-15 minute walk. 

Basic Heavy Bag Boxing Techniques For Beginners 

Techniques to use for a heavy bag workout especially for beginners

Punching Technique:

The most important art a beginner needs to learn is the proper punching form. Many boxing juveniles try to hit the punching bag with full strength but little do they know that they are doing it totally wrong. 

The reason is that they are draining themselves without inflicting much damage. 

Always start from a relaxed position. 

Exhale as you throw a punch – try to throw a light punch. 

Try to tighten your fist at the point of impact and gradually release your hand back to you.
Take your time, go slow and be sure master the proper way to hit a punching bag.

Mastering Boxing Footwork:

Heavy Bag Stance for Beginners for a Heavy Bag

Why Stance Matters even for a Heavy Bag Workout for Beginners:

You may have heard, style makes the fight. 

But it is quoted for those who have pursued boxing as a profession and have learned the basic art of fighting. 

So, before thinking of producing any extravagant move in front of a punching bag, you need to have a basic understanding of where you are standing. 

A basic boxing stance calls for proper positioning. 

You need to have your front toe and back heel on the centerline with your dominant hand behind the weaker one. 

Your knees should be slightly bent with weight evenly distributed on both legs. 

And always remember, keep your head behind the gloves. 

Footwork drills are as essential as the correct ways to punch. Always move your feet whether you are punching a heavy bag or shadow practicing in front of the mirror. 

But make sure your feet are grounded. 

Once you incorporate this skill in your daily routine drill, the flashy footwork will come naturally. 

Punch Combinations:

Punching combinations for your heavy bag workout at home

You may have heard “Great fighters have great Jabs”. 

That’s pretty much true. 

Jab is one of the simple yet most deadly punches in combat sports. 

The boxing greats like Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather had the most lethal jabs in the history of the sport. It’s the most lethal weapon one can have in his artillery. 

Always throw a jab after every combo you fire. As a beginner, you don’t have to bring out complex boxing combinations. 

A short 3-4 punch combo will do just alright. As you spend more time practicing it, you can add more punches to your combos. 

Even seasoned fighters have mastered this art as second nature. 

Different Types of Heavy Bag Workout for Beginners

Once you have the basics of boxing down, you can proceed to different workouts that can help you hone your skills.  Often times people wonder does punching bag build muscle or is it better as a cardio workout?

Use a heavy bag as an opponent:

While hitting the heavy bag, make sure you maintain a proper range. Use a whip effect to punch the solid bag while maintaining proper posture. Withdraw your striking arm to your ready position as quickly as possible. Swing the bag slightly, and try to avoid getting hit by it using your head movement and brisk footwork. 

Improve speed and Agility:

Proper use of a speed bag can greatly help you increase your mobility. Strike the speed bag lightly with speed. Start with a jab and then quickly switch to power punches. 

Meanwhile, keep moving your feet – if possible gently bounce on your feet while hitting the bag


No matter what age you start boxing or what you motivation is, you are sure to discover some of the biggest benefits of boxing from home. Not only is it enjoyable, it releases stress and is physically healthy.

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