Biggest Benefits of a Simple Boxing Workout at Home


When you want to get fit but find gym work-outs an absolute chore, what do you do?

This question was something I’ve often asked myself and was something I struggled with. As someone who spent most of my time living a sedentary life, I wanted a change for the better – and the best way to start is by improving my physique.

But at my age, doing traditional workouts and going to the gym is more hassling than usual. I can’t seem to work up the motivation to actually start…

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And then… I found boxing workouts at home.

At home punching bag used for workouts

Here’s what I can say: the results were splendid. Boxing workouts at home were a game-changer for me, especially since I don’t have to spend extra time going outdoors to get in shape. These at home boxing workouts were readily available for me at any time, which I could do from the comforts of my room.

Most surprisingly, I was more motivated than ever! I find boxing workouts more fun and fulfilling than usual workouts. Doing the workouts alongside music playing in the background proved to be a real thrill – I can’t help but feel badass and confident in myself.

But beyond that, a boxing workout at home touched on great aspects that improved my physicality. Cardio, arm endurance, core stability, and weight loss – all these things comprise boxing workouts and more! Through this, I was able to get max results with boxing workouts at home with a bag alone. On top of that, it’s also a fitness activity that I look forward to doing every day.

If you’re also someone who’s looking to get into shape but finds typical work-outs tedious, you may want to give boxing workouts a try. To give you an idea, here are just some of the benefits you can get from doing at-home boxing workouts.



Boxing help improves your home

Sixty-eight years old can be a serious case of osteoporosis or arthritis. When I was looking for a change of pace, I initially found it pointless to start doing workouts again. Until I realized that I was also doing this for my health. As we age, our bodies break down inevitably, cartilages become fragile, and our body fibers become weaker. Boxing workouts help keep our bones healthy and strong and are a great means of bone-building exercise.

Regardless of how old you are, having a dense and solid bone structure is great for our bodies. It helps us keep up more with daily activities without getting worn down faster than usual. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of breaking a bone and acquiring certain degenerative diseases, which can lessen the quality of life.


Using a punching bag to build confidence

Did I go into boxing workouts thinking this can help me take down a bunch of men?

Perhaps. But I’m telling you that this is what you’ll feel like after a workout or two.

Boxing workouts has significantly improved my confidence in myself and my abilities.

It really helps you get in the zone as if you’re faced with opponents trying to beat you.

On a more serious note, it’s helped me learn how to defend myself in case of untoward scenarios.

You’ll find that having increased self-esteem does wonders for how you make certain decisions as well, especially when dealing with stressful circumstances.


At home boxing equipment in a gym

You might have only thought of boxing as a sport meant to be watched on television or during the Olympic Games.

But beyond that, I believe that the best part about boxing is how versatile it is. For a boxing workout at home, you only need to set up a punching bag indoors and get started. I tend to switch up my workouts according to what area of fitness I want to focus on. From time to time, I do cardio and then strength training exercises as well. For this, you can choose a heavy bag for heavier punches, a double-end bag for defense, or a speed bag to practice your agility and speed.

It’s fun to explore various defense and offense punches. Moreover, it’s also fulfilling to think that great results await you at the end of continuous workouts.


Boxing workouts have truly transformed my life. From being overweight and lazy, I get to be in better shape and more than ready to take on a fight if it comes. From being a mere couch potato, I’m now more equipped to throw out great knockout combinations. So while at first I wondered does punching bag build muscle or is it more for cardio and overall health. I noticed I was able to observe an increase in energy, confidence, and better health and appearance. All of these, on top of having fun and enjoying what I do.

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