9 Boxing tips for beginners at Home For Maximum Results

Learn knock-out combinations with these 9 basic boxing tips for beginners at home. 

Due to my career and my lifestyle, I have never been very active or in very good shape.

As we all know, regular physical activity is one of the most important things in improving a person’s health.  So when my doctor rang the alarm bell for me.  I decided something needed to be done…

I dreaded every workout I saw, until I found an old punching bag.

So, I started using it everyday and watch my health and energy increase.

Now, I spend most of my time researching the best boxing equipment and exercises to stay healthy.

Here are the best 9 Boxing tips for beginners at home you need to know!

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Best Boxing Tips for Beginners at Home

Boxing Tips including safety for beginners

TIP #1) Safety

  • When getting started, the number one priority should be safety. That starts with the proper equipment, knowledge and learning how to properly hit a punching bag.  There are hundreds and thousands of online sources from which you can learn boxing tips. It’s just to make sure you do it right and not hurt yourself.

TIP #2) Have the Right Equipment

  • Having a quality punching bags and gloves prevent injury and helps to absorb your punches to create a more pleasurable experience.  See below for more information on what type of equipment you need.

TIP #3) Build Slowly

  • As with all other exercises and drills, boxing also demands patience and perseverance. You should start slowly and gradually increase the length of training. You do not want yourself to be drained and quit after a short time. Allow your mind and body need time to get used to this. So, always take a gentle approach and visualize its benefits in the longer run.

TIP #4) Do Cardio

  • Regardless of age and experience, the development of general fitness is considered a priority for a beginner. So, always mix your daily boxing drill with minor cardiovascular training. One of the best options is starting a jump rope workout for boxers to quickly increase stamina and improve footwork. A brisk walk or cycling can also help you improve your endurance and stamina. A lot of people focus strictly on doing a punching bag workout for weight loss and the cardio benefits it offers.

TIP #5) Strength Training

  • Light strength training with light weights is recommended especially for the boxers starting at this age. Make sure to start with lighter weights and work your way up.

TIP #6) Diet

  • Exercise and diet go hand in hand. You cannot stay fit by just working out, and giving zero attention to your diet. Healthy eating is also important besides boxing drills. So, to get better results, get better nutrition. Add protein to your diet that helps you build muscle mass; limit carbs; fibers and vegetable aid in good bowel habits and also keep the calorie intake in check.

TIP #7) Have a Goal

  • Always begin from simple to complex tasks. Discover bigger goals and more complex combination punches you want to throw.  Start slowly and build your way up to throwing faster and stronger punches.

TIP #8) Have Fun! 

  • Enjoy your daily boxing drill – that’s the principle. Learn some a simple boxing workout you enjoy doing and look forward to. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to make it too far. Boxing exercises not only help you relieve your stress but also boost your endurance. The more you do it, the more you will love it. You can incorporate different plays to create an enjoyable and interesting training environment.

TIP #9) Stay Hydrated

  • And last but not the least, always keep an eye on your hydration status. Water makes up almost 70% of your body, and if you are losing a portion of it in your workout, you should replenish it by drinking plenty of water.

Beginner Boxing Equipment for Home Use

beginner boxing at home picking out the right equipment

After getting your mind ready for boxing, the next thing you will be needing is the equipment – the tools needed to accomplish the task. A great workout not only requires grit and determination but also the gadgets to reach your fitness goals. So here I will go through some of the home boxing equipment that helped me over the course of my boxing workout.

Punching Bags for Home

There are several different types of home punching bags for beginners to choose from depending on your goals and your skill level.  Here are some of the types:

  • Hanging Punching Bag
  • Freestanding Punching Bag
    • Often has a base you fill with sand/water for stability
  • Speed Bag
    • Used for training hand/eye coordination
  • Uppercut Punching Bag
    • Often used in addition to another punching bag
  • Multi Target Punching Bags
    • Often have different targets to aim for to master different types of punches

We compiled our favorites list of all the different types of punching bags for home.

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It’s important to make sure your knuckles and joints are protected.  They absorb the shock of your fist going into the punching bag so you are less likely to sustain an injury.  The longer you can punch the bag before your joints get sore, means the better shape you can get in. These are just a few of the reasons why boxer wear gloves and you should too for maximum results with minimum impact on your body and joints.

PRO TIP:  It is worth spending a little extra money to get a quality pair of gloves.

Time needed to get good results:

Keeping motivated for beginner boxer at home

As mentioned earlier, you should not be pushing yourself to the limit from the first days. Keeping in mind the age factor, you should start your boxing course with a half-hour drill that should include a few minutes of cardio conditioning five days a week. And as you begin to feel better and stronger, you can lengthen your training time according to your needs.

In just matter of few weeks, you will surely begin to see the improvement that you were after. 

The #1 Boxing Tips for Beginners:

Congrats, now that you know what are the basics of boxing, it is time to get started!
That is the best piece of advice: Just get started!

Do what works for you!
Find a workout you enjoy doing and have fun with.
The most effective workout and exercise plan is the one you stick with!            

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