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Hi, my name is Roger Vickers, at 68 years old, I spent half my life drinking beer and waste the other half working as a software engineer. Let’s just say, I do a lot of sitting…

I started boxing from home in 2020 because (while I am tough as a bear and strong as a moose) my Dr said I needed to start moving and getting my heart beating if I wanted to live longer.

I dread going to a gym or paying those crazy membership ->
So I went on a mission to find something: Fun, Simple and Engaging I could do from home.

That’s when I thought about boxing at home!
Being an engineer, I studied and am testing all the equipment -> And started this site to share my findings!

I started out a spring chicken, but spent a little time on it each day and now can land a few rock solid combos. Now the young punks at the pub have to quit calling me Grandpa…