Different Types of Punching Bags for Home

Thank you for checking out my page to learn about different types of punching bags for home use.
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When corona hit in 2020 and I was stuck indoors, I really started to take a look at my health.  I was out of shape and pretty lazy.  At this point I dreaded the idea of any type of workout plan or going to the gym.

I needed something that would keep me motivated and was affordable to get started.
(Combined with feeling like Rocky Balboa and the confidence I can throw a decent punch!)
Once I tried Boxing -> I. Was. Hooked!!

Getting the Right Punching Bag: It can be overwhelming with all the different types of punching bags for home and knowing which one is the right one. So Here is my list of the best Punching Bags for home use that I recommend:

Best MultiPoint Punching Bag:

UFC BAS Body Action System

This isn’t your grandpa’s punching bag.  This BAS Body Action System turns newbies into combo punch kings within a matter of weeks!  Compared to a traditional bag, this provides a more realistic, low impact blows.  Works great to improve accuracy and also cardio workouts.

While this punching bag might be a little intimidating for a brand new person, with some practice and a few YouTube tutorials -> you will be feeling like a badass in no time!

If you are looking to land combos and dominate a bar fight, this is the set-up for you!

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Best Combo (Heavy/Speed) Punching Bag:

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee – With this combo, you are training for both!

Hook up the heavy bag and practice your power shots.  Then hook up the speed bag to the back and train your hand speed.

You will love this bag because it is simple to set up and you don’t have to hang it from the ceiling.  Stands are a great option if you are always been a little nervous about hanging a bag from the ceiling and making sure it drill it into a strong enough board. 

Comes with EVERYTHING You Need: Heavy Bag, Speed Bag, Stand, Gloves and Wraps

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Best Freestanding Punching Bag:

FITVEN Freestanding Punching Bag with Base

The Fitven Freestanding Punching is one of the top selling and best rated punching bags on the market. It provides everything you would expect from a quality punching and more!

What people love Free Standing Bags:  Because they are supported by their own base, they take up less floor space.  Also, it has 12 strong suction cups on the bottom so it works on both hard floors and carpets.  Note:  You will also want to fill the base with sand to give it more weight and make it more sturdy.

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Best Reflex Punching Bag:

Cobra Reflex Punching Bag

The Cobra Reflex Punching Bag is a fun, addicting way to get a great cardio workout while you master your hand-eye coordination and boxing skills.

While it has a slight learning curve getting started, there is no better feeling once you start to master a few combo punches. If you commit to practicing daily, in a few weeks you will start to get the timing down and creating awesome combination punches. This punching bag keeps you motivated to continually get better.

A Reflex Bag is a perfect addition to any punching bag or instead of a traditional punching bag. It is easy to set up and it doesn’t take up much room.

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Best Bag for the Buck:

Rorala Punching Bag – Freestanding & Hanging

Rorala Punching Bag Review

The Rorala Punching Bag is a high quality bag at a great price!
Because is comes in both a freestanding and hanging version, it can be the perfect bag for almost anyone!

These Bags are made from high quality materials, which not only gives them a great feel flex (that is easy on the bones and joints), it is built to last for a lifetime of use.

Check out my Review below and see why I am in love with this bag!

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Hard to Find Deal:

Accodone Punching Bag

Accodone Punching Bag Review

The Accodone is an underdog when it comes to punching bags!
This bag is often talked about, yet hard to find a reliable source to purchase it from.

Be sure to check out my Accodone Punching Bag Review to learn the Pros, Cons and where the best places are to buy this bag. Also, we will compare it to some other bags, like the Rorala Punching Bag, so you can decide which bag is right for you!

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Best Human Punching Dummy:

Century Bob Punching Bag

Century Bob Review

The Century Bob Punching bag is one of the most recognizable punching bags there is.
That is because it is shaped like a human body. This unique design allows your hands to become masters of precision in a short amount of time.

The reason I love my Century Bob is because it’s softer rubber and slight flex allows me to throw rounds of punches without hurting my hands, muscles or joints. If you are looking for the perfect cardio and workout bag, you need to see this!

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